Pa'steSH: An artistic work consisting of a medley of pieces taken from various sources.

Pastiche Boutique is not your typical retail store, it's an experience. Guests will feel welcomed and part of a community as they enter our shop. The boutique itself creates an intimate setting where we can provide personalized service so that our clientele will feel special. We want our guests to leave with a sense of delight, knowing that they have found the perfect gift or indulgence. 

Our goal is to continue enhancing the creative vibe in Milford and surrounding communities in NH, by bringing a positive and exciting shopping experience to our guests. We will continuously provide our customers with the utmost customer care and personalized service. The products we carry are unique and up to date with the most current fashions including Apparel, Accessories, Jewelry, Home Decor, Gifts and many other eye-catching conversation pieces. 







Karen Coulters...

Has over 30 years of experience as a business owner and manager in the sales industry. Through this experience she has become an incredible asset to our team. Her ability to listen and understand the needs of others along with her approachable demeanor and positive attitude provide Pastiche Boutique with a family atmosphere to feel at home. 

Rachel Cronin...

Has a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, providing a creative eye to the mix. She has developed specialized skills through her education and experience as an Associate Designer for various fashion design companies in New York City. Rachel also understands the importance of great customer service and applies this on a daily basis, giving people a sense of comfort and reassurance.