As we embarked on this journey to create Pastiche Boutique, we found cherry blossoms to be the perfect symbol for how and why Pastiche came to be.  Below, we are sharing the many wonderful meanings of the cherry blossom that inspired our boutique...along with being just oh so pretty!




Cherry Blossoms mark the arrival of new beginnings.  The exuberance and intensity of the blossoms bestow hope and dreams of greater things to come and to look ahead with enthusiasm and optimism.




The Cherry Blossoms represent feminine beauty and dominance.  It is regarded as a symbol of a woman's attractive looks and her ability to command men by means of her beauty, love, and affection.




The blooming season of the blossoms are brief, resulting in instant beauty and a quickly fading life span.  They, therefore serve as reminders of humanity and mortality since, like cherry blossoms, a human being's life can end at any given moment and reminds us that life is too short to waste away and that people should live life to the fullest...Seize the day!















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